Established in 2007, Esperanza Guidance Services has a solid reputation and is a respected agency in the world of behavioral health. With a shared vision, our founders started the company with the intent of providing ethical and superior services, and that is exactly what we do.

Esperanza Guidance Services Staff

Rachel Villalobos Madewell, LCSW,CDVRS
CEO/Clinical Director
Veronica Rodriguez

Gilbert Morales, LMHC, PhD

Biligual Therapist

Consuelo DeLeon, LMHC
Domestic Violence Team Lead
Shelly Noe, RN, DNCP

Psychiatric Nurse Practicioner

Dawna Bleimeyer, LMSW

PTSD Specialist/Therapist

Benita Cole, MSW


Oscar Ramos, LMSW

Substance Abuse Team Leader/Biligual Therapist

Albert Jacquez, LMSW

Biligual Therapist

Sarah Kidd, LMSW, LSAA

NSSP Specialist/Therapist

Pablita Ramirez, BSW, LSAA

Case Manager/Substance Abuse Group Therapist

Abe Martinez, BSW

Case Manger

David Bailey

SBIRT Peer Support Worker/Program Manager

Soledad Ramirez-Rodriguez

Receptionist/ BIP Clerk

Jovita Roman


Gloria Blakey


Audriana Von Schriltz